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Our ducting systems clamp together. No rivets, screws or welding. This cuts your installation and down time by more than 45%, and it’s adaptable to your existing ductwork.
For dust collection and industrial ventilation.

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Nordfab Ducting catalogues contain detailed information, illustrated diagrams, and product photographs. - QF:  Quick-Fit® clamp-together ducting … [Read More...]

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Nordfab began in Denmark in 1972 as a design, engineering and installation group specializing in wood waste management. Nordfab introduced Quick-Fit® … [Read More...]

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Who Uses Quick-Fit Ducting?

Nordfab duct in closed wood capture dust collection system

Nordfab ducting is used in a wide variety of industries and commercial settings. It can be used in most dust extraction and exhaust air … Learn More

Why Use QFS Duct for Oil Mist Applications?

Oil mist, oil fume, and the particles linked to such operations pollute, irritate, and create health hazards. Production with high machine speeds … See More