Start Up
Nordfab Ducting began in Denmark in 1972 as a design, engineering and installation group specializing in wood waste management. The company is the only manufacturer of clamp-together ducting in Asia.


Quick-Fit™ ducting allows quick and easy installation or removal of ducting and can be used in a wide variety of industries.


IN Thailand

Founded in 1991 and renew register in 2006 NORDFAB (Thailand). We started as a design, engineering andinstallation group specializing in wood waste management.


Today, the company's Quick-Fit ducting is the standard for clamp-together ducting in scores of industries.

Business Concept
Nordfab Ducting is a local provider of ducting for air ventilation and pneumatic conveyor solutions. Our products only sell through a wide network of authorized resellers.

Our service enables our reseller to design ducting systems, manage installation, and provide engineering for complete ducting solutions. As a part of those solutions, Nordfab Ducting provides professional, engineering services and fast delivery with tracking and user training.


 Our Quality Policy:

Nordfab Ducting shall be leading in customer satisfaction by always delivering products, solutions and services that meet our customers’ expectations and by continuously evaluating and improving our performance.


 Our Environmental Policy:

Nordfab Ducting shall provide solutions that improve the environment inside and outside of our customer’s factories.

Our work shall meet current legislation, and focus on continuous improvement & resource efficiency – thereby contributing to sustainable development and minimized impact on the environment.