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Install Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting. Adjustable pipe for duct and ductwork.

Installing Nordfab Ducting has never been easier. See this video and learn more about our ductwork.

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Nordfab Ducting vs Flange Ducting

See why Nordfab is the World’s Fastest Ducting! Nordfab Quick-Fit clamps together in seconds saving you time and money over traditional flanged ducting.

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QF Clamp | Nordfab Ducting

Ductwork done easy and fast. Save Time and Money When adding Duct to your shop. See the video of our seal clip here.

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Installing Nordfab Ductwork in a Woodworking Shop

A close look at the installation of Nordfab ductwork in a wood shop.

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Nordfab Ducting | Ductwork | Oil Mist Drain Animation

The Nordfab Oil Mist Drain can extend filter media life, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce issues caused by capturing and transporting large volumes of liquids to the collector.

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Nordfab quick fit Ducting | Oil Mist Drain

Information on the Nordfab Oil Mist Drain.

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